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Chirp Cafe Live Music Series Presents: DECOSTER

Chirp Cafe Live Music Series Presents: DECOSTER


If you're a fan of Bryan Adams, Don Henley, or Brian Fallon, you're going to quickly become a fan of Decoster!”  -Debbie Mazella - Magic 98.3 WMGQ - Somerset, NJ

A graduate of the Manhattan School of Music, where he earned a Master’s Degree in Classical Guitar, Paul DeCoster’s performance and credits include playing with Carnegie Hall concert violinist, Deni Bonet; Rich Kulsar, drummer for Grammy Award Winner Lucy Kalantari and The Jazz Cats; and Fleza Doza of Brooklyn Native Studios, among others. His talents have taken him around the world, playing not only around the United States, but also in the United Kingdom, Hong Kong, China, and most recently on tour in the Southeastern United States.

The native New Yorker was introduced to music at a very early age, where it deepened his passion to find out the intricacies and possibilities of the unspoken word through musical expression.  “I was always drawn to rhythm and melody. Its power is so magical that it always transports me to a hopeful place.” Paul relates, “My goal as a musician is to inspire people; this explains my motto “No Messing With Spirit.” He does this eloquently through his melodies and lyrics, which are both inflective as well as reflective, focusing on the human side of what he sees in the world rather than the condition of the world itself.