The Coffee

A cup of coffee is an intimate experience. It is a daily ritual that helps kick-start our day. So why do we rush something that can be enjoyed? Why are we willing to sacrifice taste and freshness of something so integral to our day? We strongly believe that each cup of coffee we make is not only the freshest cup you can get but also the best. We take our time freshly grinding your recently roasted coffee. We then brew it perfectly, each cup individually. We don’t believe coffee should sit for any amount of time before it is served. So you can expect a fresh and delicious experience at Art Cafe.

Counter Culture is an amazing coffee brand that both focuses on sourcing and roasting the best coffees as well as doing so responsibly. Their focus is on quality, sustainability and education, making them one of the best coffee companies in the world. We are excited to offer exclusively Counter Culture and hopefully make a difference in the development of third world coffee growers as well as offer you the best coffee available.

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