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Chirp Cafe Live Music Series Presents: Arielle Eden

Chirp Cafe Live Music Series Presents: Arielle Eden


The astrological sign Sagittarius, with its half-man half-horse archer image, regally evokes the soul of a warrior-adventurer attempting to tame its wild animal instinct.

Horoscope fanatic or not, you can’t deny that indie-pop singer-songwriter Arielle Eden embodies her birth sign’s ideals of strength and courage, coupled with a mad dash of mischievous boldness. Gracefully rising up from health challenges that, at times, prevented her from walking, she’s now issuing the masterful debut, Sagittarius. It’s an album of renewal that uplifts and inspires with its melding of pop thrills, dance grooves, Americana, and poetically insightful folk lyrics. The album’s themes encompass relationship issues, personal revelation, and playful exploration of alternate realities—the Sagittarius ideal of adventuring.

Eden’s well-crafted songs offer forth an immersive personal experience with universal appeal. She writes with an empathic touch bringing the listener viscerally into her own stories, fantasies, and her vivacious explorations of other personas. Her lyrics evoke the playfulness and escapism of pop, but also offer the reflective depth of the singer-songwriter tradition.

Eden’s vocals are sweetly pristine, and majestically pliable, shifting with ease from smoky low hues to soaring high tones. She has garnered favorable comparisons to Pat Benatar, Sheryl Crow, and Michelle Branch.